• After months of design and development we are proud to offer the new KargoSled.

    If you are looking for a cargo system that offers style and usability then you'll want to take a look at a KargoSled. Made of Carbon Fiber, we designed our system to look great on your BMW, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes Benz and any other car you have. If you have Carbon Fiber panels on your vehicle, then you want it for your cargo system. It's not just the Carbon Fiber...we have built into the KargoSled features that will give you the usability you demand.

    • Starting with the flat design. We wanted to provide you with the ability to load any type of items you can imagine. If you have a surfboard or kayak then you'll have the ability to put it up on the KargoSled and take it to the water. If you happen to find yourself buying that large flat panel TV, for the bathroom, you can rest assured it will fit on the KargoSled.
    • An Adjustable Windscreen, which can be raised and lowered based on your needs. If you have objects that require more room, or more flat surface, then just lower the windscreen and load your items.
    • Integrated tie-down rail, and side mounts, allow you to strap down any item.
    • The KargoSled will mount to most any cross-car roof rack including; Square, Round or Aerostyle crossbars.

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