• KargoSled

  • The KargoSled starts with Carbon Fiber, adds in functionality and strength, and ends with an elegant product worthy of your vehicle. As you already know, today, Carbon Fiber is used for cars, bikes and even skis, so why not a cargo system. The look of Carbon Fiber is unique, with the woven pattern and gloss shin, yet has come to be known for it's high-tech strength and light weight - perfect for a cargo system. 

    At only 20 pounds the KargoSled allows you to maximize the capacity and bring the gear you need for your trip. Add on our accessories and take your bike, board or skis with you. The KargoSled also mounts to your favorite cross-bars, including Round, Rectangle or Aerostyle. 

    Here is what you get with the base KargoSled:

    • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction
    • 42" by 48" inches of usable space
    • Height Adjustable Wind Deflector 
    • Two Integrated Tie-Down Rails 
    • 8 Side-Mounted Tie-Down Connections
    • 12 Tie-Down Rings
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Fits Round, Rectangle and AeroStyle Cross-Bars

    Base Price: $1,500

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